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Paradigm Shift TRiO Specific Workshops

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Paradigm Shift Essential Workshops

Each workshop is custom designed to work with your program’s desired goals in mind. All workshops incorporate experiential learning (learning through a reflection of doing), and provide facilitators of all experience levels opportunities to create and enhance group-leading skills. The Paradigm Shift staff creates every training based on your current curriculum, props and staff to develop an individualized workshop perfect your program!

All Aboard – Portable Challenge Course Low Ropes Training – This workshop will focus on the development and creation of”low-ropes” initiatives and curriculum within the challenge course community. Paradigm Shift will present new variations for classic low ropes activities, such as “Wild Woozy,” Islands,” “Spiderweb,” etc., and will also provide new and portable initiatives for the challenge course. Paradigm Shift “All Aboard” training will promote Trust Sequencing and create safety initiatives for challenge course facilitators and participants.

Classroom Antics – Portable Classroom Adventures – This workshop is perfect for educators, but is not limited to the school setting. Any facilitators “confined” by space will benefit by participating in “Classroom Antics.” Paradigm Shift trainers will promote experiential learning (learning by doing) activities that get your group out of their seats and moving towards a positive experience. Most initiatives will involve propless or small prop activities to maximize space and resources. “Classroom Antics” will provide “ChalkBoard” initiatives to enhance group learning and development, allowing facilitators to use a chalkboard or dry-erase board to lead activities.

Cold Water – Icebreakers, Name Games and Energizers – “Cold Water” is perfect for facilitators meeting lots of new groups, and involves hours worth of icebreakers, name games and energizers! Be prepared for lots of laughs and entertaining ways to develop camaraderie and relationships within a group. These activities are perfect to use before, between, or after a learning and leadership or team building initiative.  “Cold Water” is a must for beginning facilitators and offers variations and new activities for facilitators of all levels and skill sets.

Geared Up Goals – Goal Setting Workshops – “Geared Up Goals” offers a complete workshop focused entirely on goal-setting and problem-solving initiatives, theories and activities. Paradigm Shift consultants will develop a custom training to promote and create an individualistic and holistic approach to setting and achieving goals. “Geared Up Goals” allows facilitators to develop curriculum based on a specific group goal or team initiative. Paradigm Shift consultants follow the SMART goal theory and applies the theory to all workshops.

Look Ma! No Props! – Propless – This workshop is completely propless! All activities and initiatives can be preformed without any boards, balls, nets, buckets or ropes! Paradigm Shift trainers will provide you with a complete day’s worth of propless activities, sequencing icebreakers, name games, energizers, activities and initiatives together! Facilitators can leave this workshop with a full arsenal of propless activities to add to your program’s curriculum.

Off The Couch – Experiential Based Counseling – This workshop focuses on counseling services for at-risk youth and counselors who practice group counseling. Using professional counseling techniques and services, Paradigm Shift consultants develop cutting-edge methodology to improve counseling practices.

Up and At ‘Em – Large Group Activities and Initiatives – “Up and At “Em” provides facilitators with the tools to lead large group initiatives! You will experience a wide range of new and classic adventures allowing leaders to facilitate icebreakers, name games, learning and leadership initiatives, and team building activities for hundreds of participants, most of which can be used with smaller groups as well.

Where Am I Headed? – College and Career Workshops – “Where Am I Headed?” focuses on initiatives tailor-made for college students and young professionals. All activities center around transitions and problem-solving skills, encouraging participants to develop the skills needed to succeed in the next phase of their life.

Wrap It Up – Debriefing – “Wrap It Up” will focus solely on the latest and greatest debriefing techniques and tools. Paradigm Shift will provide new and exciting ideas to get your group talking after an initiative, and will generate alternative approaches and methods to develop group closure. This workshop is perfect for all facilitators and will greatly improve your facilitating skills!

Paradigm Shift Advanced Workshops

Experiential Learning in the News – Current Research and Development on the Experiential Learning Front – The Paradigm Shift consultants can provide clients with current trends and data within experiential learning research. Participants will learn how experiential learning can best be used as a comprehensive learning and leadership tool, and how experiential learning is being used efficiently in schools, counseling services, churches, challenge courses, camps, colleges and in the professional workplace.

Stepping Stones…The Next Step – Advanced Facilitating and Curriculum – Delve deep into curriculum and methodology to improve your facilitating skills and debriefing capabilities. This workshop will combine multiple techniques and processes proven to be successful, and will integrate different experiential learning research to your curriculum. “Stepping Stones…The Next Step” will create a myriad of variations for classic activities and initiatives already in your repertoire, giving the experienced facilitator more options.

What’s Next? – Sequencing – “What’s Next?” allows participants to learn the key elements to sequencing your activities maximizing your time and effectiveness. Paradigm Shift consultants will demonstrate the best sequencing techniques to organize and produce consistent results while facilitating learning and leadership initiatives.


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  1. Hi Ryan,

    Where will the South Carolina TRiO training take place? Thank you.

    January 30, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    • Stacey! I am working on hosting the workshop in Columbia. I haven’t nailed down the location exactly, but I will let you know as soon as I know.

      February 4, 2013 at 4:30 pm

  2. Thank you so much!

    February 10, 2013 at 3:28 pm

  3. Leslie Koch

    I see a conference in Columbus Ohio – MAEOPP. How do I find out what this is? I am looking for something where I can learn how to be a better experiential learning facilitator.

    May 22, 2013 at 10:33 am

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