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Leadership Man…or Woman

Leadership Man/Woman is a perfect way to implement a Full Value Contract with your group while discussing leadership characteristics, group social norms, and expected group contributions. I love to start a day off with this interactive and engaging activity.

Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift

Number of Participants: 7-15 per piece of butcher paper
Time:  20-30 minutes
Activity Level: Low
Props:  7-8 feet of butcher paper per group, and colorful markers

Objective: To discuss and write down the leadership characteristics the group finds important in a “perfect leader.”

Set Up:
Cut a piece of butcher paper long enough for any participant to lie down upon. Provide markers for the group to write on the paper.


  1. Trace the outline of one of the students.
  2. Name the leadership man.
  3. Talk about the leadership traits the group wants to demonstrate throughout the camp, afternoon, week, workshop, summer, etc.
  4. Have each member write the trait inside the leader in the spot that the trait should be located (courage in the area of the heart, knowledge by the brain).
  5. Explain that these are the traits we want to display throughout the camp. Each group will then will take an oath to try to model these traits for the next few days.
  6. Encourage each member of the group to sign the leadership man.


  1. This can be done on an individual basis (especially with small groups with limited space). The individual can share with the entire group.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Why did you write down your certain terms and characteristics?
  2. Where there any characteristics you disagreed with?
  3. What opportunities have you had to experience these traits?
  4. Did you think of a particular leader when you thought of these characteristics?

Facilitator Notes:

  • I often ask the group to find one or two characteristics that they would like to model for the rest of the workshop, and then try to emulate those traits.
  • This pairs up very well with Character Card Matching, or any other leadership activity.

Have you used Leadership Man/Woman? What types of Full Value Contract activities do you use with your group?

Ryan Eller
Founder, Paradigm Shift