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Top 7 Moments of The 20 Leadership Camp 2013

My thoughts on our most recent workshop, The 20 Leadership Camp. Check it out.

Ryan Eller

Oh my Dad! What a wonderful week of 20 Camp madness. We spent seven days with the greatest students west of the Mississippi (or anywhere for that matter) learning, playing, singing, dancing, praying, worshiping, growing, and sleeping. Actually, we didn’t have much sleep. Strike out that last one.


I was inspired by Camp Founder and T-shirt model Jerrod Murr’s post about his top 9 moments of 20 Camp, and decided to post my Top 7. Why seven instead of nine? Because seven is God’s number and nine just doesn’t seem right. So, without further ado, here we go:

7. Roy Golden’s Stretch Sequence – Um…Roy Golden can turn his feet all the way backwards and use his size 14 feet as a telephone. What started out as a simple stretch turned out to cause several people to come on stage and use their feet as a telephone.


6. Midnight Basketball…

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