Custom Built Team Building and Leadership Initiative Training

Avatar – A Challenging Group Team Building Activity

I love initiatives that require activity and group communication while challenging the group’s thought process. Avatar does just that, and allows for the group to have some fun while solving the group problem. I first learned this fun activity from my favorite trainer Nate Folan at Project Adventure.

Number of Participants: 5-20
Time:  15-30 minutes
Activity Level:  Moderate
Props:  Rope Barrier, Hula Hoop, Spot Markers

Objective: To get the entire team from their spot around the circle and through the hula hoop as fast as possible.

Set Up: Place the spot markers around the circle and place the hula-hoop in the middle of the circle. Ask participants to stand on a spot around the circle.


  • The hula-hoop must start in the middle of the circle every time.
  • Participants cannot leave their starting position until time is started.
  • Time is stopped when the last person gets back in their position and yells stop.

This initiative challenges the group to communicate and work together to achieve a common goal. Each participant must pass through the hula-hoop and return to their starting position as quickly as possible. The team will get four rounds to complete this activity, and will set a team goal in between rounds.


  1. Add two hula-hoops for large groups.
  2. If activity is your primary objective, make the circle very large.

Facilitator Notes:

  1. Leave the instructions vague about passing through the hula-hoop, but do make sure that the participants entire body passes through the hula-hoop.
  2. Ensure safety during the activity as some groups will try to jump through the hoop to save time.
  3. Make sure that the time does not stop until the last person yells stop. This is a very important step.

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