Custom Built Team Building and Leadership Initiative Training

Likert Scale Debrief

There are times before, during, or after an activity when the facilitator needs to check in with the group and Likert Scale Debrief fulfills that need.

Likert Scale Debrief

Number of Participants: 1-100
Time:  1 – 15 minutes
Activity Level:  Low
Props:  None

Objective:  To rate a participant or group’s energy level, engagement, etc., using their own personalized Likert Scale.

Description: Before, during, or after an activity, ask the participants to pull out their Likert Scale. Likert Scales are made by holding 10 fingers in the air. The participants will hold out a number of fingers rating anything the facilitator or group wants to rate. Typically 10 is high and 1 is low, but feel free to mix it up from time to time to measure the participants’ focus.


  1. On a scale of 1-10, how safe did we play in that last activity?
  2. How was lunch?
  3. How much effort did you put into that game?

Facilitator’s Notes:

  • Feel free to use the Likert Scale Debrief for as short, or as long as you would like. You do not always need to elaborate on why the participants held up a certain number of fingers.

In what circumstances would you use the Likert Scale Debrief? Have you used this activity or one similar to it?

Ryan Eller
Founder, Paradigm Shift


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