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Board of Directors

I love ending days on a positive note, that’s why I always try to end a particularly productive or stressful day with an uplifting activity…Board of Directors. I first learned Board of Directors from Jerrod Murr (yes…my personal assistant), after a great day at one of the 20 Camp volunteer trainings. Read the description below and introduce Board of Directors to your groups, I strongly encourage it.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Props: Dry Erase Board/Poster Board/Etc. & Markers

Description: This is a feel-good activity that can be used to start or finish a day. Start with one participant to describe, and ask every other participant to come to the board and write one word to describe that person. The participant who is writing the word can share why they chose the word, and when done, the next person will come up and share, and then so on until everyone has shared for the first participant. Move on to the next participant and follow the same process until each person has described every person in the group. It is totally OK to repeat words to describe one or more of the participants. The only rule to this activity is that the person being described cannot talk while others are writing about them.

When finished describing each team member, the board should be completely filled to the max with descriptive words illustrating the entire team. Ask the group to share their emotions at the end of the activity, or how they felt while they were being described. Use this activity to show the group how powerful they can be as an entire group, that one participant may not have all the traits written on the board, but as a group they encompass many character traits.

If you have any questions about this activity, or would like to talk to me about implementing this into your curriculum, please contact me.

Ryan Eller
Founder, Paradigm Shift


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