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101 Ways to Line Up a Group

Every once in a while, I like to reach way back into my game bag and pull out some classic activities that have been tried and tested with thousands of groups over the past few decades. Nothing describes “classic” as much as Group Line Up.
Group Line Up Paradigm Shift

I’m sure you have done this one before, either as a participant or a facilitator, and you know that it is both fun and challenging. You can ask a group to line up as quickly as possible, without talking, without using their hands, and even with their eyes closed (be sure to have built a sincere level of trust before attempting this one). Depending on how much time you have, you can even sequence these line-ups from easiest to hardest to develop a sense of community and learning within the group. Be sure to use as much space available and have loads of fun playing.

Below you will find 101 different ways to line up a group. Most of these we picked up along the way, either playing, facilitating, or improvising.

101 Ways to Line Up a Group

1. By First Name
2. By Last Name
3. By Middle Name
4. By Initials
5. By City Born
6. By Grandmother’s First Name
7. By State/Country Born
8. By High School Mascot
9. By Favorite Food

10. By Height
11. Color of Hair (Lightest to Darkest)
12. Color of Shirt (Lightest to Darkest)
13. By Shoe Size (Smallest to Largest)
14. Smile Size
15. Length of Time at their Job/Organization/School/Church
16. Size of Thumb
17. Hand Size
18. Eye Color (Lightest – Darkest)
19. Who Lives Furthest Away From the Room (Closest-Furthest Away)
20. Length of Hair (Longest – Shortest)
21. Length of Nose
22. Length of Commute Time
23. Straightest Hair to Curliest Hair
24. How High You Can Jump
25. Arm Length
26. Who Can Reach The Highest
27. Wing Span
28. Distance from Thumb to Pinky
29. Size of Big Toe
30. Rank of Embarrassing Moment
31. Ear Size
32. Foot Width
33. Ring Finger Size
34. Size of Head
35. Average Time Getting Ready
36. Length of Tongue
37. The Furthest You Have Traveled From Home
38. Amount of Facial Hair (Most to Least)
39. Year of When Your First Vehicle Owned was Manufactured
40. Year Your House was Built

41. Birth date (From Youngest – Oldest)
42. Month They Were Born (Jan-Dec)
43. Birth Order (First, Second, Third, Etc.)

Deck of Cards
44. Alphabetically (Ace of Clubs – Two of Spades)
45. Deck Order (Two – Ace for each Suit)
46. By Suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades)

Numbered Disks
47. Number of Letters in Each Number (Two has three letters, so it will come before five, which has four letters)
48. Alphabetically by Number (1-12 = Eight, Eleven, Five, Four, Nine, One, Seven, Six, Ten, Three, Twelve, Two)
49. Lowest to Highest (1-infinity)

50. By Cell Phone Number
51. Zip Code
52. Mailing Address Number
53. Likert Scale (1-10)
54. Area Code
55. Number of Letters in Full Name
56. Number of Children
57. Number of First Cousins
58. Salary – Lowest to Highest (Play this one Carefully)
59. Number of Books Read This Year
60. Number of Countries Visited
61. Number of States Visited
62. Number of Times You Have Moved
63. Number of People in Your Immediate Family
64. Number of Total Roommates
65. Number of Pets You Have Owned/Own
66. Number of Pieces of Jewelry You Have On
67. Number of DVDs Owned
68. Number of Roller Coasters Ridden
69. Number of Amusement Parks Visited
70. Total Number of Vehicles Owned
71. Number of Ball Caps Currently Owned
72. Number of T-Shirts Currently Owned
73. Number of Cups of Coffee Per Day
74. Ounces of Soda Per Day
75. Pairs of Shoes Owned
76. Number of Siblings
77. Number of Books Owned
78. Number of Times You Have Visited Wal-Mart This Month
79. Number of Times You Had Eaten Out Last Week
80. Number of Trash Cans in House
81. Number of Lamps in House
82. Number of Scars
83. Number of Piercings
84. Number of Tattoos
85. Number of Broken Bones
86. Number of Jobs
87. Number of Keys on Key Chain
88. Number of Cards in Wallet/Purse
89. Number of Items in Your Pocket
90. Number of Schools Attended (Preschool-College)
91. Number of Speeding Tickets
92. Average Mouse Clicks Per Day
93. Number of TV Shows Watched Consistently
94. Number of Movies Watched in Theater This Year
95. Hours Sleep Per Night
96. Number of Times You Have Checked Facebook Today
97. Number of Text Messages Per Day
98. Number of Potholders in House
99. Number of Drawers in House (Including Dressers, Kitchens and Bathrooms)
100. Number of Coffee Mugs Owned
101. Number of Years You Rode the School Bus

As you can tell, you can pretty much line your group up in any manner you desire. Try these out and let me know which one is your favorite. Do you have any you can add to the list?

Ryan Eller
Founder, Paradigm Shift


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