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MAEOPP Conference Monday Recap – Funtivity and Amazing Race

I had a wonderful day yesterday at MAEOPP with the fine people from the upper midwest. After a great day exhibiting and meeting new people I joined team Michiana (obviously composed of people from Michigan and Indiana) to compete in the Amazing Race – TRiO Edition. It was…amazing. We went all over downtown Kansas City completing a scavenger hunt, overcoming roadblocks and competing in challenges. We even finished by singing Karaoke at Hamburger Mary’s, a neat joint packed full of TRiO folks.

After the Amazing Race I participated in Funtivity, MAEOPP’s Celebrity Event packed full of national superstars. It included a red carpet entrance with paparazzi, celebrity interviews and VIP status. They even had awards and a runway for participants to display their outfits. It was a 5-star event and very fun. I did not know about the event until Monday morning, so I did not pack my celebrity gear, however I did have my running gear and went as Lance Armstrong post Tour de France when he became a marathon runner (not a stretch at all). However, I know that all in attendance were appreciative of me not wearing my cycling uniform to the event.

I had a great time and loved interacting with the great people of MAEOPP. They put on a world-class conference that is great for their membership and vendors alike. Today I continue with exhibiting, present a concurrent session and then head home. I look forward to seeing more MAEOPP members today and at our workshop.

TRiO Works.

Ryan Eller
Founder, Paradigm Shift



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