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New Year’s Resolutions and Top 10 Goals Update

Way back on January 1 of this year I declared my goals and resolutions for 2012. Yesterday, July 2, was exactly the half-way point for the year, so I decided to check up on my goals and evaluate my progress.


Resolution: Become More Flexible

Progress: Little to none.

Last Friday I took a fitness assessment at our wonderful new gym. The personal trainer took me through a variety of tests which compared my metabolic age to my actual age. After the strength training and cardiovascular portions of the exam I had the prowess of an 18-year-old. I had the body-fat percentage of a 25-year-old. So far it was looking good for your old pal the goal-setter. The test was not over unfortunately…I still had to take the flexibility assessment. The trainer sat me on the floor and asked me to reach as far as I could toward a box against the wall. Most normal people were asked to push a sliding lever as far as they could on top of the box. The trainer asked me if I could touch the lever (I’m not going to tell you if I could or couldn’t…I couldn’t). I had the flexibility of a 70-year-old man, and I think that is only because that is the maximum age on the metabolic scale.

I tell you this story because I have not stuck to my New Year’s Resolution. I had all these plans to stretch every day, to sit on the floor and touch my toes while I watched TV, to stretch before and after exercise. Unfortunately, I have decided to sleep in everyday, eat while I watch TV and jump right into exercise.

I know my weaknesses, and flexibility is on that long list. I am going to start stretching every day, my assessment at the gym was a real wake-up call. If I do not change something I am going to become an old, brittle, inflexible man someday. That changes this second half of the year. The trainer showed me some great stretches, and gave some solid advice, and I feel as if I am on the right track.


Goal #1: Pay off student loans.

Progress: Completed

Kristin and I paid off our student loans (well, my student loans) in February of this year. According to Dave Ramsey, we now completed baby step number 2, and we are moving on to baby step number 3. This was a huge relief for us, since the only debt we now have is our mortgage. This frees up money for us to save, share and give.

Goal #2: Save $10,000 for an emergency fund.

Progress: 63%

We are well on our way to completing baby step number 3. Having money in our emergency fund will allow us to put more money into retirement, save for baby Jane’s college fund (or her extravagant wedding), and will allow us to have financial flexibility heading into 2013 and beyond.

Goal #3: Facilitate 25 paid EA events.

Progress: 13 Workshops – 52%

As of July 2nd, I have facilitated 13 Experiential Adventure workshops. I love doing these trainings, and I have several more in July to help me achieve my goal. I have facilitated in three states and Brazil. This is one of my goals I am the most excited about, because I thought it would be one of the hardest to accomplish.

Goal #4: International Leadership Camp

Progress: Completed

Brazil Baby! What a wonderful trip. I am currently working on a post specifically reserved for the amazing things we were able to do in Campinas, Sao Paulo and Rio. This is the second continent we have facilitated on, and we hope to add one more to the list before the huge Antarctica trip in 2014.

Goal #5: Project Adventure Training

Progress: Completed

This one was completed in a hurry. Murr, my personal assistant, was able to find a training in Boston in January that fit our needs. We loaded up on a plane, flew to the Northeast and had a wonderful time. Our experiences at PA strengthened my resolve, stretched my abilities, and increased my repertoire. I fully intend to have this goal on my list in 2013 since this training was so beneficial. Also, because of Murr’s excellent personal assistance during this trip, I have noted it on his annual performance review.

Goal #6: Read 52 books

Progress: 20 Books – 38%

So far I have read 20 books in 27 weeks. I am a little behind schedule, but I am very close to finishing three other books, and summer is the best time for me to read. I fully expect to complete this goal by the end of the year. Below is a list of the books I have read this year:

72. Back Pocket Adventures – Karl Rohnke & Jim Grout

73. The Resolution for Men – Stephen and Alex Kendrick

74. Cowstails & Cobras II – Karl Rohnke

75. Games That Teach: Experiential Activities for Reinforcing Training- Steve Sugar

76. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

77. Shorn – T. Suzanne Eller

78. Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

79. Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

80. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Washington Irving

81. Dracula – Bram Stoker

82. Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe

83. Swiss Family Robinson – Johann David Wyss

84. The Jungle – Upton SInclair

85. Always Know What to Say – Peter Murphy

86. The Bounce Back Book – Karen Salmansohn

87. Talent – Tom Peters

88. Dear Coca-Cola – Terry Ravenscroft

89. Journey to the Centre of the Earth – Jules Verne

90. Project Dad – Todd Cartmell

91. Games for Everybody – May C. Hoffman

Goal #7: Check 12 things off of the Bucketlist.

Progress: 4 items checked off the list – 33%

I love my Bucketlist. So far I only have checked four things off my list this year.

  1. Spend the night in a haunted house.
  2. Eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse in Brazil.
  3. Visit an orphanage in a foreign country.
  4. Stand beside the Christ the Redeemer statue.

I fully expect to check more things off of my list when I have the opportunity. I have already booked a trip to Europe at the end of this year, and will certainly get to check off a few more (1. Try to make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace, 2. See Stonehenge, 3. Kiss on top the Eiffel Tower, 4. Walk around the Colosseum in Rome).

However, I still have some work to do before I can accomplish this goal. I still want to skydive, bungee jump, visit Mt. Rushmore and get six-pack abs. Of course, if something awesome happens between now and then that is Bucketlist worthy, you better believe I will add it to the list and then check it off.

Goal #8: Set a World Record.

Progress: 0%

I will admit…I have done absolutely nothing to achieve this goal. I have done all of the necessary paperwork to set a world record, but I have yet to train or attempt to have my name entered into the Guinness Record Books. After I complete the Branson Half-Ironman in September, I hope to focus more of my time on this goal.

Goal #9: Get six-pack abs.

Progress: <33%

I currently weigh 200 pounds, and I will not achieve this goal unless I weigh no more than 185 pounds. I have exercised and trained fairly well for the past six months, but I have not achieved the results I desire. I am putting in extra time right now to achieve this goal. I know the six-pack is under this layer of fat, I am just trying to find it.

Goal #10: Get back into church.

Progress: Getting there.

Kristin and I attend Sanctuary in South Tulsa, but they just moved their campus to Jenks. We are searching for a new church that Jane can grow up in and establish her own faith. The trip to Brazil did wonders for my faith, and I am continuing to grow as a man and as a Christian.

Welp, those are my goals I set forth over 6 months ago. Three goals are completed, and most of the others are over halfway there! Help keep me accountable. If you see me, ask me how my goals are coming along.

How are your goals at this halfway point? There is still so much of 2012 left to accomplish amazing things. If you haven’t started on your goals, write some down and start accomplishing them today.


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