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I love YouTube. It is an excellent mix of powerful informative videos and clips of hilarious cats.


I love watching cats and their shenanigans, but I love a great experiential-based video as well. YouTube is packed with informative videos that highlight different group activities. I have been ransacking the world web for the best videos covering team-building activities, name games, icebreakers, chants and jingles, and so much more. I created a YouTube channel that highlights my favorite videos, displays my personal videos, and even has playlists of different activities. I tried to find videos that were fun and clear, but also included explanations and instructions to facilitate the activities.

Here is one of my favorite icebreaker videos, Human Javelin, by the fine folks at Ultimate Camp Resource.


Take some time, check it out, and see what other experts around the globe have displayed on YouTube. I will be consistently adding videos to the playlist, so please let me know what you think and tell me if you have any good videos I have overlooked!

Have a great day!

Ryan Eller
Founder, Experiential Adventure


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