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Sweet Baby Jane

So, in case you have been wondering where my blog posts have been…well, I have been pretty preoccupied with my new baby girl! Jane Erin Eller was born Mon., November 21 at 6:35 pm to two very happy parents (one parent…we won’t say any names…was bawling like a schoolgirl).

We went to the Dr.’s office early Monday morning for Kristin’s 39 week checkup like any other day of the week. We had no idea that this would be the day that changed our family forever. While Dr. Martin was checking Kristin’s dilated level, (gross, btw) she got this very surprised/excited look on her face. She told us that she could feel the bag which should have broken already, that Kristin was having a contraction, and that she was going into labor. She suggested that Kristin and I go across the street to St. Francis and check into the hospital to be monitored for labor. Kristin and I had no idea what that exactly meant, because Kristin was in no pain, her water had not broken yet, and I genuinely think Kristin could have jogged to the hospital that morning.

Experiential Adventure
Excited Dad to Be

We checked into the hospital at 10:30 am, and got comfortable in the labor and delivery room. We had called our family members and told them that we might be having a baby in a few hours, but we weren’t sure that it was going to happen. Soon after the nurse came in we asked for some clarification. She confidently told us that we were definitely going to have a baby that day. We both got very excited (Kristin shrieked with joy) and told our family to make their way down to T-Town (My mom also shrieked with joy).

Waiting for Baby Jane to Come.

Our family started trickling in from across the three state area, and Kristin was still doing very well. She was not feeling contractions, she was not in any pain, and she was pleasant to be around. This all changed once the Dr. broke her water and the contractions started coming faster and harder. She was such a trooper though, she did not ask for the epidural until she was dilated to a seven, and she did not actually get the epidural until she was dilated to a nine. Almost as soon as she got the epidural she was dilated to a 10 and ready to deliver. At 2:30 pm, Dr. Martin came into the room and was ready to get the pushing on, but found out the Baby Jane was facing the ceiling, and she needed to face the floor. (Who knew?) The process of turning Jane over involved a ton of awkward positions for Kristin for 30 minutes at a time, and she finally turned completely over after about three hours of laying around.

Waiting for Baby Jane

At 6:00, Dr. Martin came into the room and Kristin started pushing. She showed everyone how strong she was, and delivered our baby after about 35 minutes. As soon as Jane came out, Kristin got to hold her and kept saying, “I can’t believe I have my own baby in my own arms.” This is when I started crying (dang it, I said we weren’t going to say any names).

Right out the Womb

Kristin and I enjoyed a little bit of time just the three of us, then I went out and delivered the good news to the packed waiting room full of my family and friends. It was a very cool moment and I got a ton of hugs and high fives (mostly from Stevo) and then the grandparents were able to go back and see their new grandbaby.

Everything was a blur after than moment. Family came in to visit, Jane was cleaned up and weighed and measured (7 lbs 7 oz, 19.5 inches long), we got a decent amount of sleep that first night, and then we were able to go home the next day. (I drove like a old grandma on the way home…scary stuff).

Being Measured
Family Viewing Baby Jane
Leslie, Stevo and Baby Jane
Mom, Melissa, Elle and Baby Jane
Headed Home!
In her car seat ready to ride!

Since we came home we have continued to have visitors, ate wonderful food, and spent time with family. We overcame a stomach bug that nearly wiped out both sides of my family (Jane did not get the bug), and we are getting into a routine with this new blessing. Kristin is doing great and still strong as a champ. Jane is sleeping and feeding very well, and has gotten two perfect reports from the pediatrician (already taking after her momma).

In her fancy dress
Jane with her Gramma
Jane with her Cousins
My Girls

Expect more pictures as I get them…and I appreciate your support, prayers, congratulations and excitement. She has been every bit as awesome as advertised. I love my Sweet Baby Jane.


2 responses

  1. Belinda

    Yay!!!!! I’ve been waiting to get all this info. I won’t be able to see baby Jane till after Christmas due to travel, but I can’t wait. She is absolutely beautiful. And I’m so glad to hear that Kristin being a super-athlete really has helped with the delivery and recovery.

    Congrats daddy!!!!

    December 2, 2011 at 10:56 am

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