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Labor Day Challenge – Day 39 – Journal

Welcome back to the Labor Day Challenge. Throughout this whole process I have tried my best to journal and document my progress and experiences. I decided to journal everyday, and this blog has facilitated this part of my challenge over the past six weeks.

My mom is an exceptional writer (check her out her website), and she challenged me a long time ago to start a blog. She told me that I would enjoy conveying my thoughts and that even if no one read my blog I would start to build confidence in myself and my abilities. I don’t always take her advice, but I did on this one, and she has been right so far!

I have chronicled everyday of my Labor Day Challenge, and it has been a fun experience for me. My readership has gone up, but not by much. A few people have subscribed and even commented, but this process has been mostly about me. I have been trying to grow and develop into a better writer, leader and person. Journaling my process has been influential in my growth, and that is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.

I challenge you to start writing, either in a journal or on a blog! It is free and easy…here is a video on how to set up a wordpress blog.


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