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Labor Day Challenge – Day 34 – Leadershipfreak

I am rolling through another week of the Labor Day Challenge! This week I followed the advice from the book I just finished, “The Success Principles” and contacted someone who is currently achieving the success I aspire to someday have. I follow a man named Dan Rockwell on Twitter (so do over 75,000 other people) who goes by the Twitter name of  Leadershipfreak. Mr. Rockwell is a man of many talents. He serves as a pastor, writes a uber-successful blog, travels the world as a leadership consultant, and is obviously a Tweeting expert.

I decided to step out on a limb and contact him and asked if we could talk. He promptly replied to me and we set up an appointment for a phone conference. I was so excited! I had so many questions to ask and so many ideas I wanted to discuss. Mr. Rockwell called exactly when he said he would, and we spoke for nearly an hour. We talked about our dreams and vision, our goals and ambitions. We talked about what my future entailed and what his future entailed. Our conversation was very uplifting and inspirational for me, and I hope that he felt the same way.

He told me a story of the time he interviewed Jack Welch, the guru of corporate leadership and former CEO of General Electric. He told Mr. Welch that he was one of the 1.5 million people who followed him on Twitter, and asked if Mr. Welch would follow him back. Mr. Rockwell played it off as a pipe dream, but now the Leadershipfreak is one of the 29 people Jack Welch follows on Twitter. All he did was ask, if Jack Welch would have said no or played it off as a joke, Mr. Rockwell would be no worse off than before he asked. However, he did ask, and Jack Welch did follow him, and there is no doubt that has played into his success.

I challenge you all to ask someone you want to emulate for some advice. The worst that could happen is they would say no, and the best that could happen is what happened to me…you could hang up the phone inspired, grateful, and more motivated than ever. I challenge you to contact someone you look up to today, you have nothing to lose.

Who would you love to have a conversation with if you could? Have you tried reaching out to them? What’s the worst that could happen?


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