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Labor Day Challenge – Day 32 – Ride

This has been a great weekend for my Labor Day Challenge.  Friday I spent time with my TRiO folks at the ODSA Fall Summit and even got to listen to the masterful Jerrod Murr deliver a rousing speech to motivate our membership. Yesterday I ran with the awesome Fleet Feet group, and then watched OU dominate Texas in the Red River Rivalry. I was even able to spend the evening with the wonderful Kristin and Lucy the Pup. This morning Kristin was at Just Between Friends, basically a resale convention for mothers. She loaded up with a car seat, stroller, two bases, a high chair and several Dr. Seuss books! So excited!

Dr. Seuss

Since she was busy, and the weather is so nice outside, I decided to air up the tires on my bike, strap on my cycling outfit (it is really tight…don’t worry, I won’t load any pics), and take a nice Sunday afternoon ride. I didn’t have a route to ride or anyone to push me along, but I thought it would be nice to just see the area on my bike. If you get right outside of Broken Arrow, the area becomes beautiful, and is a perfect place to ride or run.

I got my bike in July for my birthday, and have been wanting to ride much more than I actually have. One reason for my Labor Day Challenge was to force myself to do the things I had been putting off, the things I had wanted to do, but hadn’t actually done. I had been lazy, there have been multiple chances for me to ride, but I haven’t. Today was the day! I was not doing anything productive (unless sitting on the couch updating Twitter is productive). I took a few steps out the front door, got on the bike and pedaled away! I went through the neighborhood, onto the main side streets in Broken Arrow, and then after about 4 miles, I was all by myself on the back roads of Wagoner County.


Let me assure you of one thing, I do not like being alone. I am well-known on my campus for asking people to walk around with me during my errands, or even to my car from the office to grab my wallet. My student workers make fun of me, and my good friends know to go with me without asking. However, this ride was nice. After my initial panic of being alone, I was able to clear my mind and really think about my life. There are so many changes happening right now. My wife is pregnant with our first child, and if that wasn’t enough, I am switching campuses to NSU Broken Arrow after being in Tahlequah for 10 years. I will serve all new schools and all new students. To add to that, my family is growing and my career goals are shifting. Life is always changing and I haven’t wanted to think about it, but on my ride I was able to think through some issues and feel refreshed and refocused.

I only went 12 miles, which was long enough to make my legs feel like Jell-O and my heart rate rise! I hope to ride again soon, and even get good enough to compete in a sprint triathlon or even a half triathlon. I am rejuvenated and excited about my future, all because I got off the couch and did something I’ve been putting off. That is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.

What have you been putting off that you need to do? It can even be a small thing, like cleaning the garage or calling a family member. Take the initiative to get that thing out of the way, and I promise you will feel great!


2 responses

  1. jerrod murr

    thanks for the shout out! The fall summit was a blast, I love the TRIO crew

    October 10, 2011 at 9:52 am

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