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Labor Day Challenge – Day 30 – ABC

Last night I did not blog, mostly because I was hosting a workshop with the Association of Black Collegians at NSU. As a part of my Labor Day Challenge, I inspired to be a keynote speaker! I know being a keynote for NSU ABC was not speaking at the White House, but it was an amazing opportunity and I am so glad I was invited.

We started off the event with dinner on campus, where I met with the leaders of the group, who inspired me in so many ways. These students are goal-driven, intelligent, passionate and fun-loving. We discussed our dreams and goals, and I was fired up! We started the workshop discussing communication, leadership, and professionalism. Below is my prezi for the workshop:

I was really excited about this workshop. I felt it would be a challenge professionally, culturally and personally. Although I talk in front of a crowd all the time, I rarely get an opportunity to be a keynote presenter. I am very skilled in experiential education, but not a polished speaker. I left the evening enthused, excited and full of hope. I know this is the life I will lead, I am going to take whatever steps it takes for me to pursue my dreams. Thanks for facilitating that for me ABC.




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