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Labor Day Challenge – Day 21 – Listen to an Audiobook

Day 21! You know what this makes me think of…


I am halfway there! I spent my middle of the Labor Day Challenge day waking up early, eating some great food, working, and hitting the gym. I love the Challenge so far, and thanks for following me on this journey.

As part of my journey, I wanted to challenge myself to listen to an audiobook on my commute. Today I finished Zig Ziglar’s “A View From the Top,” and I can’t wait until I get to listen to another one. I have previously listened to Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow,” and I am going to try to find another audiobook to listen to on my commute.

In “The Success Principals,” Jack Canfield talks about how important listening to the masters can be during your commute. He says “the average person commutes 30 minutes each way to and from work. In 5 years, that is 1,250 hours in the car!” I commute twice that far, so that is 2,500 hours in my car, which is about 105 days! Think of all the audiobooks I could listen to if I committed to it…all the knowledge I could gain from the masters of certain fields.

I have really enjoyed my time during my commute lately. The hour goes by faster, I start work refreshed and come home reinvigorated. I challenge you to go to the library and get an audiobook, buy one, or get one from a friend. You could either listen to the same song on the radio, a trashy morning show, or listen to a master talk about how they became successful in a certain field. I have forgone the radio and sports talk to educate myself for life, this is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.

Have a great day!!!


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