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Labor Day Challenge – Day 13 – Floss

What a great day today! What a great weekend I’ve had! I was able to hang out with Kristin nearly all weekend, was able to celebrate my grandma’s 73rd birthday and OU won! Below is a picture of Jackson, Kinley and Sherri trying to feel Sweet Baby Jane kick. Great weekend indeed. Back to the Labor Day Challenge, I was also able to do some things needed to accomplish some goals this weekend too…and more on that in the days to come.

Experiential Adventure

I know this isn’t super exciting to you, but during these six weeks I am focusing on several areas of my life…and one area I have needed to work on for years is flossing. To start off, I have terrible teeth…when I was in kindergarten I got Rocky Mountain Tick Fever and had to take a medicine not recommended for children unless necessary because it causes problems with your teeth. This was added to the fact that I come from a family of bad teeth and the fact that I didn’t want to brush or floss my teeth as a kid (or teenager). You add all of those together and it has equaled teeth trouble ever since.

When I went to the dentist for the first time after college, I had a record 16 cavities…I’ve had a few root canals, and have a couple of fake teeth. Once, when getting a dental check up, I told the dental hygientist that I had so much work on my teeth I was sure I had at least bought my dentist a boat. Sure enough, without hearing a word of our conversation, the dentist came in talking about how much he had enjoyed his new boat that summer. I have gotten much better however, and have gone two years without a cavity!

I need to continue this streak of defeating tooth decay, and since turning him into stone by showing him the face of a Canadian is not an option…(only South Park could be this crazy), I decided to take up flossing. When the dental hygientist asks me if I have been flossing, I say, “Sure!” and I am quick to remind her of the last time she flossed my teeth. Needless to say, I need to floss. I have been pretty good at flossing so far, and I am even starting to enjoy it every evening.

Today, I got a pretty good reminder of why I needed to take care of my teeth when one of my fake teeth broke while I was chewing on my fingernail (another bad habit, I know!).

I will have to go visit the dentist tomorrow, and I hope he notices how great my gums look…after all, I’ve taking care of myself, and that is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.


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