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Labor Day Challenge – Day 10 – Sleep

Howdy! It is getting nice and chilly in Oklahoma, and I am appreciative. We had an unusually hot summer, and we even set a record for the hottest month ever in the US this July. Ever! What a record to hold, I am so proud. When it gets cold it is easier to run, easier to dress for success, and easier to sleep. This was my Labor Day Challenge (get caught up here) subject for today. I want to sleep better and feel rested when I wake up.

Sleep. I love it. Who doesn’t really? I know a few people. For starters, I think God didn’t want pregnant women to sleep, and babies in the womb either. Sweet Baby Jane, my soon to be daughter, feels the need to kick Kristin most of the night. She is already going to be ornery, just like her mother. I’m not placing all of the blame on God and Sweet Baby Jane either, Kristin moves around and tosses the covers like she owns the entire bed. We have discussed getting a California king sized bed, but I think we would end up the same way every morning, with Kristin laying on her back with her arms and legs fully extended resembling a star fish, and me hugging the side of the bed trying not to fall off. Kristin also has the bladder of a mouse and the ability to sleepwalk to the toilet. I however, sleep light and have a hard time falling asleep once awoken. I know you guys aren’t really feeling sorry for me, but you get the point…I need sleep.

Labor Day Challenge

If I want to accomplish the things during my Labor Day Challenge, I must go to bed early and rise alert and ready to go! I am waking up early enough to cook a healthy breakfast and driving an hour to work to be on time – I can’t be late!. I am working out or running almost every day of the week, writing a blog, thank you notes, working, etc. etc. etc. I also want to spend quality time with Kristin and my favorite pup Lucy. After all this busyness, I am usually tired, but have a hard time falling asleep. My mom battles insomnia, and can be up late regardless of how tired she is, and I think she passed it down to me.

I am combating this by going to bed before 10 everynight. I should rephrase that. I am trying to go to bed before 10 everynight. Last night it was 10:06, pretty close, but I need to be better. The night before it was 11:35, and when I finally did get to bed, Kristin was snoring so loud I had to sleep on the couch. That isn’t good at all. I am being honest with you when I say I am struggling. I need sleep, I crave it, but I am still not doing the things needed to get sleep!

I did turn off the TV in the bedroom, and will get rid of it soon (more on that later). I know my exercise is helping me sleep. I am trying some new “go to sleep” techniques that will help out, I’m sure. I’m making my bed more comfortable, keeping the room cool and dark, and even counting sheep.

I am going to get there tonight. I will do whatever it takes for Kristin to be comfortable at night. I will even massage her belly and get Sweet Baby Jane to go to sleep. I know getting on a routine and waking up refreshed will be good for my body, my soul, my relationships (I get cranky for sure).Sleep…it will feel so good. This is what my Labor Day Challenge is all about.


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