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Labor Day Challenge – Day 4 – Be Prompt

Welcome back to my ramblings about the Labor Day Challenge. It is explained here, and feel free to go here to see the previous days.

So far everything is still going according to plan, even though I have needed to make slight schedule adjustments to make it happen. One thing I have been working on everyday is being on time, specifically on time for work. Currently I live in Broken Arrow and commute to Tahlequah. It is quite a haul, 62 miles to be exact, and takes almost exactly an hour for me to get from Point A to Point B. Sometimes I am legitimately on-time for work, and I am always proud of those days. I am usually one or two minutes behind trying to rush into the door. There always seems to be different reasons for being late, sometimes it is construction…

Sometimes it is Shelia the cat…

Sometimes I get behind slow drivers…

Sometimes I have car trouble and have to improvise…

Whatever the reason, I am trying to not be late for work for the next 6 weeks. So far, so good. It’s been easy, one day I stayed in Tahlequah and another Kristin had a doctor’s appointment. Regardless, I know I will struggle with this one everyday, because so much can happen in my hour’s drive.

Being prompt is something that has been typically hard for my extended family. I have read about cultures in Africa where there is no concept of time, and being on time is relative to how many people you stop and talk to on your journey. This describes my family, we get distracted easily, especially in conversation, and especially in conversation with old friends we see along the way.  It is not unusual for the whole Eller group to be the last people to enter a room and the last to leave a room. Kristin’s family is very prompt, usually extremely early, and it drives her nuts to be late…for anything. So, I need to work on this, and I need to start with my Labor Day Challenge.

I am accomplishing this by going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, picking out my clothes the night before and leaving the house earlier than usual. Eventually I will transition to NSU Broken Arrow, and my commute will be 6 miles and 10 minutes, but until then I am hoping the techniques I am using will get me to work on time!  Like everything else I am attempting during the Labor Day Challenge, I hope this carries over to being prompt in all areas of my life!

Does it drive you crazy to be late? Does it not matter at all?? Hit me up and let me know!


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