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Weatherford College Upward Bound

I was able to travel to the great state of Texas to the beautiful Weatherford College where I met up with the Weatherford College Upward Bound students! They were amazing, and led by the direction of Mr. Jeff Kahlden. These students spend all week in tutoring and classes learning the essential tools needed to go on to college, and even stay on a college campus throughout the week to get the full experience. They all had huge goals and ambitions, and will spend time this summer touring college campuses all across the U.S.!

These students were taking control of their lives, fostering a culture change in their life…creating the characteristics and traits to become the leader they will some day be.

We opened up with some name games, we moved into some awesome tag games, and then transitioned into character cards, mixed up quotes and number line up.

The group developed “Ned” the Weatherford College Leadership Man, their example of a solid leader. The participants took turns describing what they thought a leader ought to be “made of.”

The group completed “Count the Beans” and then dominated “Mass Pass,” and then focused together to arrange “Zoom” in order.

This was an excellent group, a group that is going to do great things and accomplish their goals. I wish all groups were as intense and awesome as this group…thanks for letting me do this for you guys and allowing me to be an honorary WCUB family member.


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