Custom Built Team Building and Leadership Initiative Training

ETS Learning & Leadership Summit

The Learning & Leadership Summit hosted by NSU Educational Talent Search is always one of the highlights of my year, and this year was no different. The Summit was attended by 26 “rising sophomores” from all across Northeastern Oklahoma and nine different high schools were represented. The students spent two rigorous but fun days learning about their college potential and personal leadership character through fun, innovative initiatives and experienced presenters.

We started the day with fun icebreakers, name games and energizers that really got the group laughing and out of their shell .

After getting to know each other a little better, we discussed our personal leadership traits and strengths as a group. The group delved deep into what leadership meant to them, and what characteristics of leader was the most important to them. This was done on “Fred Lee Jones” the ETS Leadership man…check out all the great traits and words they came up with to describe a leader.

After discussing what traits each individual thought they displayed and the traits they wish they had, we moved on to a campus wide scavenger hunt at the beautiful Northeastern State University. The students learned what the different offices and colleges on campus had to offer, and where to eat, sleep and play while living at a university.

The students completed a great initiative, Lizzles, and learned about teamwork, patience and focus.

At the end of a long fun day the Summit participants spent the evening and night at the Arrowhead Resort on the Illinois River where we played lots of fun games and activities. The group completed the initiative the Magic Swinging Door where they had to develop a strategy and plan ahead to accomplish their goal, and also Fill the Basket where the group was rewarded as they set goals and accomplished them.  To top off the end of the day we even had an ice cream sundae party!

Day 2 started off with an informative session with current college students on involvement and leadership, and then the group tackled the initiative Lego Man, a challenging activity that stresses the importance of clear and concise communication, both verbal and non verbal.

The group also completed Mass Pass, a complicated activity that encourages all the participants to become involved and forces the team to work as a whole unit to accomplish a task.

The Learning and Leadership Summit ended with a parent’s session and an awards banquet. This event was amazing, and allowed the students to see their potential and gave them hope about their future. It gave me an opportunity to sharpen my skills and I had a blast!


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