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Creative Ways to Line-Up a Group

A group line up is a must-have in a facilitator’s “bag of activities.” When used properly it is an effective and powerful way to build cohesiveness within a group, an excellent time-filler, and a unique way to work on a groups’ verbal and non-verbal communication. A facilitator can use many different ways to line up a group (see below), and can have the participants line up in a multitude of varieties, such as with full communication, no verbal communication, no hands (hands in pocket), no verbal and no hands, blind-folded, etc,. You can also make the participants split into two groups and make it competitive, first team to line up correctly wins. Also, have the group line up in order, and the first person in line gets to decide how to line up next and in what order!

This can be done propless or with props, it just depends on your time, room size and resources. A few good, cheap props to have on hand are decks of cards, pieces of paper with numbers on them, or Project Adventure Keypunch (actually not too cheap, but has many other applications!).

Ways to line up a group propless:

1. In alphabetical order by last name

2. In alphabetical order by first name

3. In alphabetical order by middle name

4. By birthdate in chronological order

5. In birthday order, Jan. 1st – Dec. 31st (I have found this is the best way if the age discrepancies are wide within the group)

6. By height

7. By smile width

8. By geography (Who lives furthest from the location of the room)

9. Longest term of employment within their company

10. How happy you were during your childhood on a scale of 1-10

11. How much you fear death (Kind of morbid, but for sure a conversation starter!)

12. Line up on how much you liked this activity on a scale of 1-10 (a great debrief technique)

13. Shoe size

14. Length of hair

15. Height you can jump (tons of fun to watch)

16. Length of nose (also fun to watch)

17. Line up by numerically by street address number

18. Line up numerically by phone number

19. Line up numerically by area code

20. Line up numerically by zip code

25. Line up alphabetically by city born

26. Line up by length of commute time

27. Line up alphabetically by Grandmother’s first name

28. Line up by shirt color in the order of a rainbow’s colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)

29. Line up by hair color, lightest to darkest

30. Line up by size of graduating class

31. Line up by thumb size

32. Line up straightest hair to curliest hair

33. Line up numerically by the number of letters in their full name

34. Line up by year they graduate/will graduate high school

35. Line up numerically by the number of letters in their first name

Ways to line up a group with props:

1. Line up numerically

2. Line up odd numbers in one line and the even numbers in another line (can become competitive)

3. Line up numerically alphabetically (sounds confusing, but have the groups line up depending on how their number is spelled…for example: eight, eighteen, eleven, nine, one, ten, two)

4. Give the group a large number, and the group must line up in an order that would mathematically create an equation that would combine their numbers to your large number (for example, you have a group of 10, and your number is 25…10*9/1+3*2-8+4/7+5-6=25)

5. Line up from highest number to lowest number

6. Give the group a sequence and have them line up (such as alternating higher and lower numbers)

7. Line up numerically with a deck of cards (jack is worth 10, queen 11, King 12, Ace 1 or 13)

8. Line up by suit order with a deck of cards

9. Line up alphabetically with a deck of cards (same concept as above, but with a deck of cards, this time, however, they have to be in alphabetical order by deck too)

10.  Line up with no suit being next a card of the same suit or same number

Be creative! Have fun! Mix up the line-ups, and try some of these without verbal communication, and some with your eyes closed…Let me know if there are any line-ups I left off the list that you have come up with!

P.S. – Props to Ben Ellis for helping me on this list…


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