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Bucket List

In my opinion, everyone should have a Bucket List…according to Urban Dictionary, a Bucket List is “a list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term ‘kicked the bucket.'”

I updated my Bucket List, and thought I would share it with you…let me know what you think, tell me what your favorite on my list is and I encourage you to do the same…I wanna see what you want to do…I put a X by the ones I have already accomplished…and if I knew the dates and places these occurred I put those in there too…

1. Set Foot on North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Antarctica and Africa

2. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon – X (July 8th, 2007, Edmond, OK)

3. Personally Know Someone Famous – X (Carrie Underwood)

4. Dance with Miss America – X (Miss NSU 2005, Jennifer Berry)

5. Swim with a Dolphin – X (March 18th, 2008, Cabo San Lucas)

6. Learn a Foreign Language and Actually Use It

7. Have my Portrait Painted – X (December 23, 2010)

8. Watch a Space Shuttle Launch

9. Be an Extra in a Film

10. Skydive

11. Scuba Dive

12. Ride a Train – X (June 9th, 2007, Oklahoma City to Ft. Worth)

13. Be a Member of a Studio Audience

14. Send a Message in a Bottle and get a Response

15. Go to Space

16. Plant a Tree and Watch it Grow – X (April 22, 2010)

17. Learn to Ballroom Dance…Properly

18. Sit on a Jury

19. Write an Autobiography

20. Be Someone’s Mentor

21. Shower in a Waterfall

22. Learn to Legitimately Play a Song on any Musical Instrument

23. Teach someone illiterate to read

24. Spend the night in a haunted house

25. See a Lunar Eclipse – X (March 3, 2007)

26. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square

27. Drive Across America Coast-to-Coast

28. Go Snow Skiing – X (Spring Break 2007, Breckenridge, CO)

29. Crash an extravagant wedding

30. Write my will

31. Sleep under the stars – X

32. Go white-water rafting – X (July 24, 2010, Canon City, CO)

33. Own my own house – X (April 13th, 2009)

34. Grow a garden and eat the produce

35. Have six-pack abs

36. Go Deep Sea Fishing

37. Spend time at a concentration camp

38. Create a Family Tree

39. Spoil my grandchildren

40. Catch a foul ball or home-run at a MLB game

41. Hit a hole-in-one

42. Run a marathon – X (April 26, 2009)

43. Swim with sharks

44. Experience weightlessness – no gravity

45. Go to a sumo wrestling match

46. See a tornado touch ground – X (When I was a kid)

47. Go to an active volcano

48. Go to a nudist colony

49. Travel on a safari

50. Ride a bull

51. Run with the bulls in Pamplona

52. Attend a Jewish wedding

53. Go to a Pow-Wow – X

54. Ride a cable car in San Francisco

55. Watch the Yankees-Red Sox in Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium

56. Try to make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace

57. Walk a length of the Great Wall of China – X (October 23, 2010, Badaling, China)

58. Go to a drive-in movie theater – X (Aladdin, 1992)

59. See Mt. Rushmore

60. Drive an 18-wheeler

61. Eat a meal from a world-class chef

62. Crash a Hollywood Studio

63. Meet someone famous randomly

64. Spend a day in a spa – X (March 17th, 2008, Cabo San Lucas)

65. Walk the red carpet at a huge event

66. Stay at a 5-star hotel

67. See Stonehenge

68. Stand next to a pyramid

69. Ride a Gondola in Venice

70. Take a yoga class

71. Take a photography class – X (Summer Semester 2005, NSU)

72. Shake hands with a President

73. Learn how to sail

74. See the Northern Lights

75. Kiss on top the Eiffel Tower

76. Learn to Juggle – X (July 9th, 2008)

77. Get a tattoo – X (March 9th, 2008, Dallas, TX)

78. Crowd Surf at a rock concert

79. Bungee Jump

80. Save someone’s life

81. Get a book published

82. Get a standing ovation

83. Kill a wild game animal – X (December 24th, 2009, Oktaha, OK)

84. Make a clay pot

85. Relax in Tahiti for at least two weeks

86. Live abroad

87. Eat frog legs and gumbo and shrimp in the Deep South – X (November 27, 2007, New Orleans)

88. Snowboard

89. Be on a game show

90. Go treasure hunting

91. Be involved in a heist

92. Own a pet monkey

93. Land a flip on a wakeboard

94. Surf the waves in Hawaii

95. Enter a professional Ping-Pong tournament

96. Give my daughter away at her wedding to a man who deserves her

97. Watch the sunset on a beach on my honeymoon – X (March 19th, 2008, Cabo San Lucas)

98. Coach my son’s little league baseball team

99. Run my own successful business

100. Watch OU-Texas at the Red River Rivalry – X (October 11, 2008)

101. Walk across hot coals

102. Go to all 50 U.S. States

– States I have been to:

1. Oklahoma (lived there)

2. Texas

3. Arkansas

4. Kansas

5. Missouri

6. Iowa

7. Minnesota

8. Wisconsin

9. Illinois

10. Indiana

11. Nebraska

12. Ohio

13. New York

14. Massachusetts

15. Louisiana

16. Alabama

17. Mississippi

18. Florida

19. Georgia

20. New Mexico

21. Arizona

22. California

23. Nevada

24. Utah

25. Colorado

103. Be on a Reality TV show.

104. Be completely out of debt.

105. Go on a cruise.

106. Drive through a Redwood Tree.

107. Ride the Skycoaster at the Royal Gorge. X – (June 24th, 2010, Canon City, CO)

108. Go to the Summer Olympic Games

Most recent accomplishments:

Plant a tree and watch it grow!

Go White Water Rafting

Ride the Skycoaster at the Royal Gorge (added this after I accomplished it because it was so awesome)

Walk a length of the Great Wall of China

Have my portrait painted

The things on this list I will or want to accomplish soon are…

Skydive (Kristin’s wedding gift to me)

Finish my family tree

Six Pack Abs (Never thought it would be possible)

Take a Yoga Class (mom got me a gift certificate for classes)

Bungee Jump

Learn to legitimately play a song on a musical instrument (got a guitar and lessons for Christmas)

Grow a garden and eat the produce

I have currently completed 26 on my list of 108…and if anything really cool happens to me I have no problem adding it to the list…I feel as if I accomplish most of the things on this list I will have had a really great life…


4 responses

  1. You better hurry to see a space shuttle launch; there’s only 2 or so left before they scrap the program. You and I have a lot of similarities in our lists. This year I’m working on SCUBA diving and Hot Air Balloon Ride. Good luck on your goals!

    February 28, 2011 at 9:43 pm

  2. I was lucky to find this web site. I have to say that it’s a fantastic blog! I admire how particular each of the entries are. They are well balanced – fun and informational – and the pictures are great too.

    April 6, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    • Thanks for the love! I appreciate it!

      April 7, 2011 at 5:48 pm

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