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Valentine’s Day

I know this is a little off blog topic, however, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there…This is my fifth Valentine’s Day with the love of my life Kristin! We started dating in May of 2006, and I instantly knew there was something different about her. She loved me every bit as much as I loved her, and she has never stopped. She is an example to me on how to be a better person, and she makes me want to improve in all aspects of my life. She is a constant encourager, she believes in me whole-heartedly, and she is the most patient and kind person I have ever met. We have so much fun together and every day is a new and exciting adventure. She knows my weaknesses and loves me anyways.  She is sweet and innocent, forgiving and understanding, thoughtful and calm-natured. She is the most dependable, hard-working, ethical, and self-motivated person I know…and to top it all off, she is the most incredibly gorgeous woman I have ever met! I am a lucky, lucky man. Thanks for everything sweetheart.

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